Medical Supply Delivery Service

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Medical supply delivery

Whether your delivery includes medical equipment, prescription medicine or lab kits, we are here to provide you with the best delivery service. There is NO mileage fee with us. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry you have ever experienced. We know how important communication is to our clients and this is why we will inform you by telephone to email upon completing your delivery. We are HIPAA & OSHA compliant for all your medical delivery needs. We are the leader in point to point delivery service without any hidden charges.

Whether it is your first time requesting a medical delivery service or you are a returning client, we go the extra mile for you each and every time. There is no quicker and reliable way to get business done.

A live person is always available to take your call, so don’t wait and CALL NOW! 310-571-5327

Hire a Los Angeles Courier that will deliver directly.

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Our established account holders have the oppurtunity to experience a service level not available to all users. With access to thousands of daily flights statewide and nationwide.

Door to door delivery service

With our direct door-to-door service you will receive the highest delivery performance levels available in the industry

hipaa / osha compliant

HIPAA & OSHA compliance means you will have a compliant team for all your medical delivery services.

let us show you an excellent courier service

medical delivery service

Experience medical delivery service the way it is intended to be. You will receive the best service available in the industry. Service that is secure, professional and reliable each and every time.

Laboratory delivery service

With daily routes, specimen, blood, dry ice, surgical equipment, medical supply and any related medical delivery need, we get it done.

medical supply

We understand what delivery time means to your medical practice and your patient. With priority delivery service without any stops, we get it delivered quickly and safely.


With different types of service levels for different needs. We will always ensure you received the best account suitable for your company needs.

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